Founded in 2013 by the accomplished, brilliant artist and entrepreneur known as Popcaan, Unruly Entertainment was created to be a fiercely independent company grown and based in Jamaica. It is built around an exacting honor code that states: We will be honest, fair and hardworking. Our team will treat people the way we wish to be treated.

Unruly Entertainment aims to provide a sanctuary for artists, where their creative processes are understood and supported. Here, artists are allowed to express their genius knowing that their team is providing all the tools necessary to develop their abilities, even as their art is being promoted, marketed, and produced at the highest level.

At this international entertainment company, our motto is “Entertainment is Art”. Art that will be treated with the respect and care needed to shape it into being the kind of product that will be embraced worldwide, as it simultaneously creates a valuable revenue stream for its creators. This includes securing fair music publishing terms for our artists, lucrative song placements, and most important the proper collection of these multiple income streams.
For Unruly Entertainment, there truly are no limits. Owned and managed by industry veterans, this team has already had impressive multiple ventures in films, soundtracks, television, and commercials.

Accomplishments made possible through Unruly’s successful industry networking. Networking that has led to vital relationships, which gives our artists advantages other labels cannot provide. A path the company aspires to continue upon, until our team evolves into a major player in Jamaica and within the global spectrum.


Our core value system guides us to always put integrity first, to prioritize service before self, and ensure that excellence and trust is embedded in all that we do.


Ours is an entity that welcomes both underground and mainstream music. No matter the audience, Unruly will provide the support necessary to ensure any music we release is available throughout the world for its specific audience.

Unruly Entertainment prides itself in maintaining close cohesive relationships with our key executives, our artists, and our staff. The goal here is true artist and musical development via long-term, mutually rewarding bonds. We are at heart a home for international artists who are ready to be taken to their maximum plane of excellence. Our team will competitively enable everyone who joins us, with exactly what they need to make their artistic dreams a reality.